Yes, that is me with John Schneider, Jonathan Kent from Smallville. When he saw me, he pointed at my shirt and said “Hey! Supergirl!” And I’m pretty I was blushing. When I got up there, I got got his autograph, and we took a picture. I told him about how my mom and I watched Smallville a lot and he asked me what I thought about the season finale (and I couldn’t really remember much about it, but he helped remind me, and he also told me it was his idea that Jonathan came back to give Clark the Superman suit. When I got done with the taking a pic with him, I had to go sit down because I was so starstruck that I was about to pass out.

On the picture, he wrote: “To Courtney, always hold onto Smallville!” and under his signature he also signed “J. Kent” which almost killed me. 

I didn’t know who most of the people were at the Mad Monster Party, but its was really really special.

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